5:03 pm – hump day

I’m on my way home from Hotbox Cafe, and as I walk down Bathurst st. I see a cute little pet store. I decide to make a detour and step in to see what they may/may not have for my Luney girl. They had nothing and it was okay, as I’m heading out the door, I spot a precious lil cat. I hadn’t pet a cat since Smokey was alive when I visited HomeTown around Christmas 2015. It was a very spontaneous moment that have me great pleasure and peace. Having a beautiful evening. Hope y’all are too. Or even better! 💕

Dishwashin’ no Mo’ 2

part 2 of 3


Once the majority of the dishwashers were gone, it was only me, a guy I’m going to refer to as A.D, and a guy that only works until 4pm on weekdays. As I’m sure you can imagine, things got very tough when the morning guy took a 2 week vacation. Despite one of the employees switching from banquet prep to dish washing, I was still stuck working 10-12 hour shifts every shift. [mostly by myself because the prep guy didn’t do shit all]

After a week, the ex-banquet prep turned dish washer quit. Ironically, I remember thinking to myself what a selfish coward he was and what a total loser I thought he was when he just stopped showing up and screwing everyone in the kitchen over.

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It’s summer break after my first semester of college, I’m in HomeTown for the summer semester and BFF has decided to move back to HomeTown for good [she’s currently on her second “move back to HomeTown for good”] As we lay across her bed, bored out of our wits, I have no idea that my life is about to be changed forever.

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Come Get High w ME

Good afternoon everyone! I rearranged my room and cleaned/organized my desk so I think I deserve to smoke right now, so that’s what I’m going to do and I’d like for you to come hang out with me while doing so! This is a new type of blog for me to write [I have a personal blog that I’ve been writing on for a little under a year] I think I’m just going to write my thoughts as I go as see where I end up. LETS GO!

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Dishwashin’ no Mo’

part 1 of 3



Around the end of September of 2016, I had gotten a job as a dishwasher and have been working there on and off ever since. It started as just a part-time job on the weekends while I was in college, but then I dropped out and needed more hours. I was ok with working full time, for the first little bit. But soon I realized that working 4pm-12pm wasn’t working for me. I told Chef that if I can’t work in the mornings, I’m going to have to quit but he assured me that when the morning dishwasher retires in a couple months, I can take his shift. Which was exactly what I wanted, but just thinking about working 4pm- midnight full-time for the next 2 months was a dreadful thought, but I hadn’t much of a choice at the time so I stuck with it.

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